IT solution

Install Xpenology (DSM 7) as self-hosted

You will have your own synology server without buying a device


Install and configure on your or our server Synology instance

Take full advantage of the DiskStation Manager operating system.

Pricing Plans

Our server

We will provide a server for $45/month with 4Tb storage

$15/ instance

What's included

  • Private server for you
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Consultation

My server

You provide a server

$24/ instance

What's included

  • Server buying advice
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Consultation

Future list

Customize your storage system as required

Intuitive file access and sharing

Automatic backup of PC and Mac

View and organize multimedia files

Automatic synchronization and file sharing

Running virtual machines Windows, Linux

Docker, Database, Web server

and much more

Order form

We will contact you by mail to discuss the details

Pricing plan