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Support for password-protected PDF files

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For business

  • Bulk document recognition
  • Indexing text information of recognized files and flexible search by this information. Search within images, PDF
  • Grouping documents based on content
  • Assistance in integration, software development for your needs

Innovative Internet Service for Text to Image and PDF Recognition

Welcome to our high-tech website, where we have a unique tool, that makes it easy to convert text from images or PDFs into editable formats.

Fast and Accurate Text Recognition

Our service is capable of recognizing text from images or PDF files quickly and accurately. We use advanced algorithms and the latest artificial intelligence technology, so that our results are the most accurate. You no longer have to manually enter text saved in an image or PDF, we have a solution, that will save you time and effort.

Support for Tabular Data and Multiple Languages

Our service has many features: we recognize not only plain text, but also tabular data. In addition, it supports multiple languages, which makes it a universal tool for all users, regardless of their native language. for all users, regardless of their native language.

Convenient Downloading in Various Formats

After processing your file, you can easily download the recognized text in any of four popular formats: PDF, DOCX, ODT or TXT. This gives you the flexibility to choose the format that best suits your needs.

Fast and Convenient Online Service

Use our service right now, it's fast and online. You do not need to installed on your computer, all processes take place on our powerful servers. Thanks to cloud technology, you can use our service with any device, whether it's a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Join thousands of satisfied users and take your text data processing to the next level with our service. text data processing with our service. No more hours spent manually entering data - improve your efficiency today!



New algorithm, improved recognition accuracy


Fixed freeze when recognizing a certain type of PDF files.