Dream Portrait

Create realistic portraits from text descriptions and face photos

Service Photo

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File types allowed: jpg, png, webp
Max. number of files: 1
Max. file size: 15 Mb
Minimum resolution X+Y: 800 px

Get a unique image where the character will match your text description and have a face taken from the uploaded photo.

What the prompt should contain

  • Who? Regardless of who is depicted in your photo, specify who you want to see in the Dream Portrait - a man, a woman, a child, or an animal.
  • What are they doing? You can specify the body position: the main character is sitting, lying down, reading a book, walking, etc.
  • Where? Describe what should be around the main character: forest, lake, building, desert, etc.
  • Appearance? How should the main character look: clothes, hair color and length, etc.
  • Style: In what style should the final image be: horror, fantasy, anime, apocalypse, etc.

The better you describe the situation, the more accurate your Dream Portrait will be!

If you want to visualize a fictional character, create a portrait for a story or game, or experiment with different looks, our AI portrait generator will help you easily bring your fantasies to life.