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Midjourney creates images faster02.03.2024
General XL model update02.03.2024

Photorealistic images have become even better.

Fixed a bug in Hyper Upscale20.02.2024

Fixed a bug that caused images with a certain resolution to not be processed.

Removing backgrounds from images on a new level15.01.2024
  • Latest algorithm for high-quality background separation.
  • Process up to 20 files at a time. Save time by uploading and processing up to 20 images simultaneously.
  • Fixed the problem when files were saved in JPG format instead of PNG.
Hyper-Upscale is now available for any image10.01.2024

A unique image enhancement algorithm, the AI completely redraws the image, increasing its resolution and detail.

MidJourney Niji v6 model added01.01.2024
MidJourney v6 model added29.01.2024

More realistic and cinematic images.

Updated Anime XL to version 328.01.2024

Understands simple cues better

Updated Anime XL model to version 220.01.2024

Supports a variety of styles and characters, creating artwork from vintage to modern.

New styles in the General XL model14.01.2024

Allow you to create art in cyberpunk, fantasy, space, portraits, paintings, photos, etc.

General XL model updated to version 210.01.2024

Added sample images for all styles

Fixed Chat service and added ChatGPT-412.12.2023

Fixed bugs in Chat service, added ChatGPT-4, suitable for complex questions and analytics

New Service - Video Quality Enhancement11.12.2023

Video quality improvement with AI. Resolution increase, detail improvement, slowdown, FPS increase are supported. Still in test mode.

You can now upload 20 images to the Computer Vision service07.12.2023

To save time, upload up to 20 images in one request rather than one at a time.

Don`t dream - create: Innovative model turns your words into anime images11/20/2023

Introducing Anime XL, a model that will bring your text descriptions to life in the form of high-quality anime pictures, infused with style and uniqueness.

Added the latest Dall-E 3 image generation model from OpenAI11/19/2023

Understands significantly more nuance and detail than previous models from OpenAI, allowing you to easily translate your ideas into exceptionally accurate images.

Realistic model Real XL added11/18/2023

Creating photorealistic images:

  • For the first time, an algorithm for improving your prompt based on GPT has been implemented.
  • The method of processing the prompt image has been changed.
  • Soon, a function will be added to create different versions of one image.
General XL universal model added11/12/2023

Designed for creating high-quality art in any style.

  • Supports over 190 styles and effects (including cyberpunk, space, fantasy, portraits, paintings, photographs, etc). More styles and categorization planned.
  • Increased resolution
Hyper-Upscale update10/28/2023

This is a service for improving quality, detailing and resolution of AI-generated images. Now, if art contains a face, it will be enhanced with more detailing.

Anime mode for Computer Vision service10/23/2023

Generates anime-style prompts from images.

New Interior Genius service10/16/2023

Generates interior with furniture and decor based on empty room photo.

Image Editor results quality improved10/12/2023

Ability to create more realistic photographs.

New Kawaii Creator anime model09/26/2023

Creates arts with high level of detail based on simple prompts.

New image enhancement algorithm added09/16/2023

PicRefiner algorithm, key feature: automatic selection of image quality enhancement parameters for each image.