Don`t dream - create: Innovative model turns your words into anime images11/20/2023

Introducing Anime XL, a model that will bring your text descriptions to life in the form of high-quality anime pictures, infused with style and uniqueness.

Added the latest Dall-E 3 image generation model from OpenAI11/19/2023

Understands significantly more nuance and detail than previous models from OpenAI, allowing you to easily translate your ideas into exceptionally accurate images.

Realistic model Real XL added11/18/2023

Creating photorealistic images:

  • For the first time, an algorithm for improving your prompt based on GPT has been implemented.
  • The method of processing the prompt image has been changed.
  • Soon, a function will be added to create different versions of one image.
General XL universal model added11/12/2023

Designed for creating high-quality art in any style.

  • Supports over 190 styles and effects (including cyberpunk, space, fantasy, portraits, paintings, photographs, etc). More styles and categorization planned.
  • Increased resolution
Hyper-Upscale update10/28/2023

This is a service for improving quality, detailing and resolution of AI-generated images. Now, if art contains a face, it will be enhanced with more detailing.

Anime mode for Computer Vision service10/23/2023

Generates anime-style prompts from images.

New Interior Genius service10/16/2023

Generates interior with furniture and decor based on empty room photo.

Image Editor results quality improved10/12/2023

Ability to create more realistic photographs.

New Kawaii Creator anime model09/26/2023

Creates arts with high level of detail based on simple prompts.

New image enhancement algorithm added09/16/2023

PicRefiner algorithm, key feature: automatic selection of image quality enhancement parameters for each image.