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Removing objects, watermarks. Redrawing part of an image, changing faces, hairstyles


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Frequently asked questions

What is seed?

This is the number used for the initial generation. No need to come up with a number yourself, as it is randomly generated if not specified. But seed control can help you create playable images, experiment with other settings, or suggest options. The most important thing about seed is that AI with the same seed and hint will produce the same image every time. Thanks to this, we can generate several similar variants of the picture. For example, you liked one of the 4 images, but you would like to refine it a little. To do this, fill in the “seed” field with the value of the image you like (the value of the seed is also indicated when saving the file), slightly change or add a hint/negative hint, and iteratively create a masterpiece.



Added support for mobile devices

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