HyperUpscale - giving images a second life

Transform previously created images into masterpieces with incredible clarity and detail.

To begin, click the 'HyperUpscale' button in the image generation service results.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between HyperUpscale and regular resolution upscaling?

HyperUpscale has information about the original parameters of the created image (model, prompt, seed, etc.) and performs a complete redraw considering the doubled resolution. It adds details that were not present in the original image.

Can I apply HyperUpscale to a photo taken with a phone?

No, currently HyperUpscale only works with images created by a neural network using Problembo. However, we are developing an algorithm that will allow applying HyperUpscale to any image.



Reduced cost and added the option for additional resolution enhancement in a single request.