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No subscriptions

Payment only for consumed resources

We pay


You get $0.6 to your account every day for free

  • Free

  • Advertising display

You pay


$5 or more can be credited to your account

  • Ad-free

  • Free funds are spent first

  • No limits on the number of requests (within the account balance)

  • Discounts for accounts over $10

  • Technical support


If the balance is greater than:
> $10 Discount 10%
> $50 Discount 20%
> $150 Discount 30%

Cost of services

The cost is indicated next to the service start button (temporary)

Frequently asked questions

What time are the next free funds credited?

In the period 00:00-02:00 UTC.

Why can't the daily limit be increased?

More requests - more video cards required. Video cards cost money, so we can't increase the limit at this time.

If I deposit funds into my account, will I stop using the free limit?

No. The free limit remains. It is used first and then your real account is depleted.