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Frequently asked questions

Why didn't I get a 4x resolution upscale?

If the original image is more than 3000 pixels (width and height sum), then the image is resize to about 3000 pixels and then goes into processing. This is done to reduce the load on GPU.

Is it possible to improve the quality of text in an image?

No, this service does not work with text. Try 'Optical character recognition' service on

How is image upscaling performed by artificial intelligence?

Pre-trained on millions of images, the data model looks for familiar details in your image, then restores or predicts them using previously accumulated experience.

Why do you need image upscaling?

The process can increase the resolution of an image, making it sharper and more detailed. The enlarged image looks smoother and less pixelated. View images on a high-resolution screen or print at a larger size than the original. Efficiently handle grainy or blurry images and improve the viewing experience. Enhance images that tend to lack detail and clarity. The ability to enlarge images without losing their quality

Does the service add watermarks to the image?




Added the possibility of batch processing. You can upload up to 15 files at a time. The output will be a ZIP archive with processed images.

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