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The service will recognize objects in the image and make a text description

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Our computer vision service allows automatically analyzing any uploaded images and generating their textual description. This becomes possible thanks to leveraging artificial intelligence technologies and deep learning of neural networks.

The recognition process goes as follows:

  • The user uploads an image in JPG or PNG format.
  • Our application analyzes the image, detects objects, people or other elements present in it.
  • Using the trained neural network, the textual description of the detected objects is generated.
  • The user receives a detailed text listing everything determined by computer vision.

The main advantages of our service:

  • High image recognition speed
  • Ability to process images of any resolution
  • Automatic detection of multiple objects and details
  • Generation of comprehensive descriptions in natural language

This technology can be used to automate various business processes, improve user experience, in security systems, and many other areas.